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Summer CMOSET Workshop

, Hilton Resort and Spa

Whistler, BC, Canada

cmoset.comes Workshop is a research and business event for those who want to discuss and find out about new exciting high tech opportunities. It is a place where electronics meet physics, biology and chemistry. The format of the talks resembles in-depth tutorials describing state-of-the-art technology and future research directions, rather than presenting specific research results or commercial products.

The 7th annual workshop will be held at Whistler, a site of the 2010 Winter Olympics, with numerous opportunities for personal exploration of surrounding tourist attractions. All speakers are invited by a program committee and the number of attendees is limited.


No formal proceedings will be printed, but attendees will receive PDF copies of all presentation material. Selected and expanded workshop papers are edited as books; please see our Keynotes and Books page for a list of books available for purchase.

To get a feel for the retreat, have a look at the previous events held in Banff, Whistler and Vancouver. You can also download copies of most of the presentations from previous conferences on our Past Presentations page.

Workshop Program and Presentations

Book Displays
John Wiley & Sons/IEEE Press (Taisuke Soda, )
         Titles on Display

Springer US (Charles Glaser,
        Titles on Display

CRC Press (Nora Konopka, )  
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To download presentations, please click on the presentation title below.

Plenary 1 – Chairs Andre Ivanov, UBC, and  

  • Dan Gale, , CMC Microsystems, Welcome Address
  • Jan Rabaey, , Berkeley, Exploring the boundaries of ultra low power design
  • Takayasu Sakurai, , U Tokyo, Emerging Circuits for Ambient Electronics
  • Omkaram (Om) Nalamasu, , Applied Materials, Enabling a path to 10nm: Innovations in Process Technology
Session 1A: Bioelectronics – Chair
  • Arjang Hassibi, , UTexas at Austin, cmoset.comBiosensors: Fact or Fiction?
  • Anthony Guiseppi-Elie, , Clemson U, Engineering the Electrode-Tissues Interface of Implantable Biochips
  • Eberle Wolfgang, , IMEC, Single-Neuron in Vitro Interfacing Platform
  • Ryan Kelly, , PNNL, Microfluidics Coupled with Mass Spectrometry for Trace Biological Analysis
  • Vamsy Chodavarapu, , McGill U, cmoset.comDetection and Processing Strategies for Biochemical Sensor Microarrays
  • Bhagwati Gupta, , McMaster U, Microfluidic systems for chemical screening and drug discovery

Session 1B: Emerging Technologies – Chairs and Kazuya Masu, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Simon Deleonibus, , CEA-LETI, Devices architectures by the end and beyond the ITRS
  • Ada Poon, , Stanford, Autonomous and Miniature Implantable Systems
  • Robert Sobot, UWO, Memristors - the rise of intelligent machines?
  • Ken Mai, , CMU, Securing Emerging Non-Volatile Storage-Class Memories
  • Alistair McEwan, , Sydney U, Spread Spectrum Electrical Impedance Tomography by Code Division Multiplexing
  • Ehsan Afshari, , Cornell U, Signal Generation and Processing Beyond Transistor Limits
Session 1C: Interconnects – Chair Claudio Rey, , Fujitsu
Session 1D: Test and Design – Chair Mani Soma, , U of Washington
Session 1E: Nano and Micro Technologies – Chair Thomas Johnson, , UBC

Session 2A: Bioelectronics – Chair Bernard Courtois, CMP,
  • Jose M. Carmena, Berkeley, Towards bidirectional brain-machine interfaces
  • Daniel Palanker, , Stanford, Restoration of Sight with Photovoltaic Retinal Prosthesis
  • Amin Arbabian, , Berkeley, Silicon-Based Portable Imaging Device for Medical Applications
  • Dave Hermann and Jonas Weiland, , ON Semiconductor, Architecture and circuit level approaches for ultra low power medical applications
  • Lian Yong, , NUS, Ultra low power biomedical sensor interface design
  • Naveen Verma, , Princeton U, Intelligent Patient Monitoring: The Sensing and Computation Challenges for Low-Power Electronics
  • Douglas Thomson, , U Manitoba, Markerless electronic single cell diagnostics
  • Kyusun Choi, , PSU, Sono-Pill Camera Chip
Session 2B: Nanotechnology – Chair
  • Kang L Wang, , UCLA, Si based Nanoelectronics and Nano-Spintronics
  • Bozena Kaminska, , SFU, Polymeric 3D Nano-Systems with Integrated Self-Powering
  • Paul R. Berger, u, OSU, Tunneling Based Electronics for Ultra-Low Voltage and Reduced Power Consumption
  • Shubhra Gangopadhyay, , U of Missouri, Sub-2 nm Size Tunable High Density Pt Nanoparticle Embedded Non-volatile Memory
  • Giuseppe C. Tettamanzi, , TU Delft, Thermionic Emission as a tool to study transport in ultra scaled Field Effect Transistors
  • Thomas Tiedje, , UViC, MBE-grown oxides for solid state waveguide lasers
  • Erol Girt, , SFU, Physics of magnetic recording
  • Raghu Murali, , Georgia Tech, Graphene Nanoelectronics
  • Andre Marziali, , UBC, Synthetic nanopore sensors for biomolecule analysis 
Session 2C: Semiconductor Devices – Chair
Session 2D: Circuits – Chair Shahria Alam, , UBC
Session 2E: Wireless – Thomas Johnson, , UBC
  • Paul A. Garris, , Illinois State Technological Evolution of Wireless Neurochemical Sensing with Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry
  • Darrin Young, , U of Utah, A Wireless and Batteryless Blood Pressure Sensor for Laboratory Mice In Vivo Real-Time Monitoring
  • Jan Beutel, , ETHZ, The PermaSense Project – Low-power Sensor Networks for Extreme Environments
  • Yao Li and Chen-Yi Lee, , National Chiao Tung Design of An Intelligent Video Decoder for Wireless TV Applications
  • Namsoo Kim, , Qualcomm, A SAW-less receiver architecture and challenges
  • Hirotaka Sato, , Daniel Huang, Michel Maharbiz, Berkeley, Remote Radio Control of Insect Flight
  • Nicolas André, , Laurent Francis, Sylvain Druart, Pascal Dupuis, Denis Flandre and Jean-Pierre Raskin, Université catholique de Louvain, Portable wireless microsensing system for human breath monitoring
  • Minjae Lee, , UCLA, A Low Noise Wideband Digital Phase-Locked Loop based on a Coarse-Fine Time-to-Digital Converter with Sub-picosecond Resolution
  • Wu-Hsin Chen, , Byunghoo Jung, Purdue U, Wireless data link 
7:00-9:00 CMC Microsystems and UBC Reception

Plenary II – Chairs Andre Ivanov, UBC, and

  • Ali Hajimiri, , Caltech, The future of high-frequency integrated circuit design
  • Giovanni De Micheli, , EPFL, Nano-architectures for tera-scale systems
  • Thomas Webster, , Brown U, Nanovis, NanoRose, In situ nanotechnology-derived sensors for ensuring implant success
Session 3A: NanoBiotechnology – Chair Robert Sobot, , UWO
  • Adam Woolley, , BYU, DNA-templated nanofabrication for forming electrical circuit elements
  • Mirjam Leunissen, , AMOLF & University of Cambridge, Steering the self-organization of small particles using DNA as a nano-Velcro
  • Steven S. Smith and Elizabeth singer, , NanoLab, Nanotechnology of Emerging Targeting Systems
  • Sandipan Pramanik, , UofAlberta, Organic Nano-Spintronics
  • Shu-jen Han, , IBM, Biodetection using magnetic nanotechnology
  • Jae Sung Lee, , Seoul National Sun Il Kwon, Seong Jong Hong, Geiger-mode APD for PET/MRI development